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From crop insurance to coverage for all aspects of your storefront or other business needs, we've got you covered!

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    Crop Coverage From seed to harvest, we have insurance to cover your crop.

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    Product Transportation We know transportation insurance. Over 35 yrs. experience.

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    Product Liability Marijuana products can pose serious liability exposure. Get covered correctly.

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    Dispensary / Business Owners Liabilty Every time someone enters your dispensary, there is potential risk.

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    Delivery Services Coverage Do you deliver? Let us help you navigate your product delivery insurance.

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    Employees Worker's Compensation If your employee is hurt on the job, we have a policy to cover them.

A Brave New World


After the results of the 2016 November election in the United States, marijuana has been legalized in multiple states and the trend is only expected to continue. Reducing the risk of a loss within this new business sector is urgent. Policies for this type of business have finally become more readily available. Here's why and how.

While the industry is generally considered to be thriving, when it comes to navigating all the state laws and regulations it can be a daunting task for new business owners. Most states either required or are soon going to require businesses to obtain insurance coverage for their dispensaries and and other aspects of the this up an coming industry.  

The real trick is finding an insurance company that will cover a product that is still prohibited under federal law, which means that businesses looking to protect their inventory or crops face slim pickings in the marketplace. Policies that cover this space, being few and far between, can mean low-rated carrier choices with limited policy language leaving gaps in the policy-holders coverage.  However, even though there has been reluctance for insurers to enter this potentially dynamic space, case law is already beginning to pave the way in favor of those in the industry. But what can pot related operations do to establish affordable insurance coverage? And how will it benefit their business? This is where our services come in. 

Insurance Requirements Expected of Entrepreneurs 

Finding affordable coverage relies heavily on the security and safety measures that the business owner takes to minimize risk within their operations and business model. Grow operations and dispensaries alike face many obstacles here. "Ganjapreneurs" can face risks like theft (external and internal), grow fires and employee injuries, making security extremely concerning for insurance underwriters reviewing this new business risk. Also, choosing a viable location for a business plays a significant role in whether an insurer will offer coverage. Therefore, it's never too early in the process to start building a relationship with an insurance professional as this will help with navigating the ins and outs of mmj insurance as well as developing and building your new venture from a vantage point of safety.

Liability Concerns Within the Industry

Product liability coverage is essential for owners in order to protect their operations and uphold the integrity of their business. There are rising numbers of claims of illness and injury from product use. Demands and settlements from these types of claim can sometimes be substantial enough to put an entire operation out of business, especially if the business is in it's infancy and doesn't have enough liquidity to cover the setback. Product liability policies should be sought out as these types of claims are not typically covered under general liability policies. 

Product recall is another emerging trend in the pot industry. These products are being recalled quite frequently, largely due to the use of dangerous or banned pesticides at the crop production level. Product recall has the potential to be very expensive and isn't covered by basic product liability insurance. There are a couple of steps you should take in order to protect an operation from the potential impact of a recall;

1. Product Quality Regulation: Hire an independent third party testing company to regulate your product quality 

2. Place product recall insurance.

Product recall coverage is written specifically for individual business needs and covers everything from retrieving the recalled product, shipping costs, costs associated with product destruction and even provide public relations help to rebuild the insured's reputation.

Any dispensary takes on the responsibility of a highly-regulated pharmacy, however we are all human and there is always the potential for human error.  An Errors & Omissions policy is just what the Dr. ordered.  To recap, here are some of the essential insurance policies that all businesses should consider for peace of mind; 

  • Product Liability
  • Product Recall
  • Professional Liability
  • Errors & Omissions 

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Here you will find information about state requirements for coverage and other usueful resources

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    California Cannabis Insurance Requirements

    All new cannabis businesses in CA are required to have a General Liability policy for $1MM per occurence $2MM Aggregate, as well as a $5,000 bond. See the requirement here Other cannabis business licensing information for CA can be found here

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